Isabelita Papa, certified Qigong Instructor


Welcome Fall.

Autumn season is dry
and cool.
In TCM, this is the season of
the “Metal” element, where
there will be more upper
respiratory and lung discomfort and diseases.
Protect your body from dry and cold attack by covering your head, nose, neck and chest with an extra layer, especially during earlier and later times of the day.
Food to eat:
Increase hydration with warm/hot beverages. Soups. Squashes and
pumpkins are the best for nurturing.  Pears are an excellent choice of fruit for this season.

Let Go of Old Resentments and Start Fresh:  Practice: Silence, acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, meditation on loving kindness. Autumn preparation for Winter slowing down.20171025_011908006_iOS

Drink warm or room temperature water: eight to ten 8 oz. glasses daily. Use filtered water, non carbonated.

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  • Get plenty of sleep. The Nei Ching, an ancient Chinese classic, advised people to go to sleep early and rise late, after the sun’s rays have warmed the atmosphere a bit. This preserves your own yang Qi for the task of warming in the face of cold. Sleep early, rest well, stay warm, and expend a minimum quantity of energy.
  • Reduce stress. Find a way to relax and release stress on a daily basis. Such methods may include Tai Chi-Qigong, Restorative yoga,  walks,meditation, biofeedback, simple relaxation therapy, or whatever method you use to relieve stress and pressures of modern life.  According to TCM, stress, anxiety, and unresolved anger can work together to throw your immune system off, allowing pathogens affect your body.

In  addition Accupuncture, Qigong, Tapping on Meridian points, meditation and including herbal treatments.

ARMS AROUND SUN SIDE2012-11-24Welcome! I am your Personal Wellness Coach!Do you want to experience Good Health in ways that balance body, mind and spirit?

In Cleanse, Detox, Restorative Pilates, Dance cardio and Qigong classes and workshops, you will learn how to use gentle but powerful traditional Chinese exercises, breathing techniques, massage and meditation to promote health, fitness, relaxation, and mental clarity, improve stamina, and treat specific health concerns. The Wellbeing Cleanse program is extremely beneficial in helping you achieve a fully integrated new holistic lifestyle.  Are you determined to build a solid holistic food foundation and want to experience a high level of wellbeing?

Heal your body through Isa’s Cleanse/food ProgramLearn more

Wellbeing Cleansing on Food, Nutrition and Minerals

QIgong Self Care @Spiritrock20170912_055353657_iOSClasses on Qigong

Fitness Core strengthening and Restorative.

Isabelita’s Wellness Coaching  Learn more…

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Restorative Therapeutic Yoga, Spinal lower back  release and Mindful Core Strengthening Learn more…

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Healing Treatments

Isabelita treats your physical, emotional and spiritual concerns with a unique blend of techniques that transform and revitalize your whole being.

I suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) 18 months ago. In addition to

physical and cognitive therapy, my work in the past months with Isa has

been an important part of my healing of body and mind. Eve -

I was diagnosed with breast cancer, last fall of 2011, I was desperate for the fear of loosing my breast. My cousin recommended me to go see a healer. I made an appointment with Isa, I had ongoing one to one healing, regular Qigong classes 3 times a week, mindful core, Cleansing, Qigong retreats and alkaline diet. I decided I will devote myself to focus on my wellbeing and I am on a mission to heal.

Now it’s Summer 2012 sooo happy! I was able to save my breast. The private Healing sessions, QIgong, Mindful Core breathe and continuous health guidance by Isa did healing miracles for my Health Wellbeing it is life changing. Isabelita is a gift to have in my life and an indegenous healer of her own kind.. Jan B

What a great teacher you are. Your coaching and teaching with QIgong not only do i feel healtheir more happier but my mental health and spirits are also uplifted and beyond. Judith

Thanks to Isa, for her Qigong classes, Healing and Retreats, I healed my carpo tunnel. i am supposed to have surgery. Now i am healed and energized. Thank you for sharing the Elegance Divine Feminine from my heart to your,

S.Om Professor Law

I am very grateful for Qigong and Mindful core Retreats, on going classes, the cleanse retreat just took it to the top of Healing and rejuvenation. I was on my way to have knee surgery. But I thought I would try one more thing before surgery. Cannot begin to tell you how it really works for me. Still working on healing, but not like the way it was. I couldn’t hardly walk and in so much pain, now it is 75% much better and improved. I was walking with the cane before the Retreats. I feel transformed and i have a new life without a cane. Thank you for the magical Retreats and continue sharing your magic. with all my heart!

Katrina P.MD

An Isa Retreat-

Is to experience the Power of the Heart!

I absolutely recommend to take One! A. FOx

Isa, had a great balance of discipline, support, teaching ability and intuitive connections to my needs.

It’s admirable to see someone steep into wellbeing practice and natural alternative to Healing.

In addition my arms feel better i was able to move and stretch and I feel better over all.

The Retreat combination with QIgong and Mindful core was a wonderful combination.

I love the Ritual that Seva, brought to the Retreat.

I look forward to the next Retreat. -KC PHD

Isa is truly gifted healer, nurturing, supportive and full of wisdom. I believe this cleansing program can take you to the perfect place for healing—beyond your imagination of where you think you are going.


QiGong 10 Minute Coffee Break

Instead of drinking coffee, boost your energy and immune system with Qigong movements. It only takes 10 minutes to feel refreshed and energized. Enjoy ….